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The dangers of using WhatsApp for business - "being banned"

The dangers of using WhatsApp for business. 
Your number could be banned from using WhatsApp at any time.
Note: "WhatsApp reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate service for any reason without prior notice, at our sole discretion." 
Also stated in their terms and conditions: "If you believe your account's termination or suspension was in error, please contact us at [email protected]."
Whether using the regular WhatsApp app or the WhatsApp business application, you could be banned at any time without notice. You have no claim and no rights. Whether you plan to follow the terms and conditions or not, you can easily be banned without a warning or explanation.
Fact: WhatsApp Inc. does not care about your business.So how can you become banned from WhatsApp without any notice or explanation? It just takes some complaints, perhaps organized by your competition, and the business number that you may have used for the past 15 years could be banned from using Wha…